Studio-AID (Architecture+Investigation+Design) is a collaborative design studio established in 2009 that is based on research and investigation as the engine for all projects. in addition, the studio engages the participation of diverse disciplines to enrich the process of analysis and to understand information exchange as a dynamic and comprehensive source for research.

The typology of projects, ranges from urban design, architecture, art installations and graphic design. All of which consider the possibilities and qualities of urban conditions, social and cultural characteristics, sustainability in different scenarios and the exploration of potential uncertain circumstances.

+Studio-AID was selected to participate in the 2013 AIA Center for Emerging Professionals Annual Exhibition in Washington DC with the project LOFTAINER. The exhibition will also be on display during the AIA Grassroots 2013 Leadership and Legislative Conference.

+Just finished construction for a Florida Room in Miami. Check out the images by Focus Media Photography & Videography from MIami